Monday, October 27, 2008

Online Meditation - Oct 27 2008

Diwali Puja 2000, Lake Piru (California). Please share your learning, your feelings after listening to this talk via comments to this post. Jai!


Meghasyam said...

To attain the laxmi principle we should be compassionate and generous and also we should show love from the bottom of our hearts to one and all.

Unknown said...

Mother spoke about the real power of a Women is love.How the she can raise and give birth to a balanced life.The essence of laxshmi and mahalaxhmi tatva.Jai shree mataji

Unknown said...

I have learnt tonight the right way for me as a woman to carry about myself and how to treat my family with great love and compassion by developing my Gruha Lakshmi principle and aiming to achieve the Maha Lakshmi. These things will help me to grow spiritually.
Lilawtie, Trinidad

Karen of China said...

thanks very much!
this is my first time take part in the program. very good. when i listen to mother's talk, i feel very strong cool breeze. hope next time's cllective meditation.
and if we can have the english words of mother's talking will be better.