Friday, October 3, 2008

Third Day of Navratri Puja

Navratri Puja Day #3 was celebrated online with much joy! We had about 170 connections, which could be anything close to 250 - 300 yogis minimum. The Devi Kavach was read, which celebrates the aspects of the devi in various parts of our being, a reflection of the supreme being.

We had a close call on the technology when our streaming solution did not 'let us in' to the virtual puja room until 2 minutes before the webcast. But all went well in the end. Kindly share your reflections, deep thoughts and comments on this post.

Here is a picture of the third night attendance at city level:


Unknown said...

Would it be possible to move the times to 10 pm EST/7pm PST
6pm is really really hard to make on the west coast for those of us who work.

Dragos said...

Theoretically yes, but then 10pm might be pretty late for the Easter yogis...

Unknown said...

The past three nights have been fantastic, very strong vibrations. I am looking forward to tonight and the other 5 days.

from Trinidad