Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2/25 Mandarin/English online meditation

A reminder for 2/25 online meditation. We will listen to a talk of Mother on Creation. We will also introduce the chapter 4 of Lao Tsi before the talk.

Hope to meet with you!

Mandarin/English online meditation Every Wednesday :

North America: Toronto 7:00 am, Vancouver 4:00 am, New York 7:00 am,
Dallas 6:00 am, Los Angeles 4:00 am, Detroit 7:00 am

South America: Bogotá, Lima 7:00 am, Mexico City 6:00 am, Brasilia,
Buenos Aires 10:00 am

Europe: London, Lisbon, Canary Islands 12:00 pm; Madrid, Paris,
Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Budapest: 1:00 pm; Bucharest,
Sofia, Athens, Istanbul, Kyiv 2:00 pm; Moscow 3:00 pm

Africa: Rabat, Abidjan 12:00 pm, Cairo, Johannesburg, Maputo 2:00 pm,
Antananarivo 3:00 pm, Saint-Denis, Reunion 4:00 pm

Asia: Ankara, Jerusalem, Beirut 2:00 pm; Dubai 4:00 pm; Kabul 4:30 pm;

New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata 5:30 pm; Kathmandu 5:45 pm; Bangkok 7:00
pm; Ulaanbaatar, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Hong Kong 8:00 pm

Australia and New Zealand: Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne 11:00 pm;
Wellington, Thursday 1:00 am

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Online Meditation (02.23.2009): '86 Ganesha Puja

Last Night (02.23.2009) We Heard the First Part of "1986 Ganesha Puja, California, USA"

We played the first part of the talk. Some quotations from the talk:

1. Being Sahaja: Relative Importance of Knowledge & Compassion

2. How Much Should One Meditate?

Next Week: We'll listen to the second half of this 56 minute talk.

--Online Meditation Team

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Online Meditation Sunday 22.2.2009 (Czech+English)

Dear all,

at Sunday evening 22.2.2009 we will broadcast meditation on Shri Shiva (in Czech and English language)

Time of broadcast: 8.30 PM (Czech time) on


Note: 8.30pm Czech Time is 2:30PM Eastern Time / 11:30AM Pacific.

You can hear mantras, bhajans, ragas and excerpt of talk of Shri Mataji from Shiva puja 2002.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Live telecast of Yuva Seminar on the www.sahajahealthcentre.org on 8th February afternoon

Note... the time translates to

Sun 2/8/2009 3:30 PM INDIA
Sun 2/8/2009 4:30 AM NEW YORK
Sun 2/8/2009 1:30 AM California

This comes as an additional information over the earlier announced
schdules of the Yuva Seminar being hosted at the Sahaja Yoga
International Research and Health Centre on Sunday the 8th February
2009 (1000hrs-1700hrs) . It is to inform our family member, (as
received from the International Health Centre) that certain
proceedings of the Yuva Seminar (especially, the 'Question-Answer'
session) will be telecast live on the www.sahajahealthcentre.org .
Please do log on to the international Health Centre site around 1530
hrs to catch up the latest happening to see and listen to many
interesting queries alongwith your own queries (if you have already
sent them at sahaja.health.centre@gmail.com) being answered by the
panel tomorrow (on 8th February 2009) as announced in teh flowwing
mail appended below.


Jai Shri Mataji


We are happy to inform you that by teh holy blessings of Shri mataji ,
as a part of 13th Anniversary Celebrations of International Sahaja
Yoga Research & Health Centre a Yuva shakti Seminar is scheduled to be
held on Sunday 8 Feb 2009 between 10 am-5pm.

The proceeding of the seminar will be telecast live in the afternoon
session. A panel of yogis will attend to questions that we have
already received from around the world through mails and media and
those shall be present in the live audience.

Thank you.


Dr. Sandeep Rai
Director Research