Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today's talk was: Transformation, given at Bordi on January 27th 1980. Some interesting points

  • Enjoying the flow of Kundalini energy is not sufficient, but it has to transform us
  • Kundalini energy has to enter our chakras and be retained for their blossoming and becoming fragrant. Only then can the fragrance can be passed on to others.
  • The depth of our love is to be developed. 
    • We have to see how deep is our love through the detached performance of our duties as parents, spouses etc. in a nice way. 
    • Lack of transformation within us should cause concern, lack of enlightenment in people around us should cause anxiety for their salvation.
  • Manas power arises in the left and goes to the right. Ahamkara (ego) arises from the right and goes leftwards. In the middle lies pure intelligence, Buddhi. Balanced thoughts arise from buddhi. But overuse of or excessive flow of Manas or Ahamkara silences the Buddhi. That's when our thoughts from pure intelligence are replaced by Ego/Superego thoughts. 

In the end we gave bandhan for Iranian yogi Kavoos in Canada who is facing unfair deportation, and on hunger strike. Latest news and updates here: kavoos.org

Monday, January 23, 2012

Spirit and Attention Week

This week on the east coast morning meditations, we will be listening to a talk given by Mother at Finchley ashram in 1978. You can listen and download the talk via the Sahaja Library on SoundCloud:
1978 Spirit Attention and Mind by Shri Mataji at Finchley Ashram