Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Day of Navratri Online

I hope you all are excited and looking forward to the Navratri online. Here is a simple guideline. Please arrange for what you can, remembering that the puja will be from the heart. From a Marathi talk in Mumbai in the 70s, Shri Mataji explained the significance of the Kubha which is established on the first day: The Kalash is the sacrum bone, the water in it is the Kundalini. I am do not recall the rest of it, so if anyone knows please contribute: the pan leaves are the petals of Mooladhara and so on. The basic sentiment is establishing the basis for the next 9 nights.

Also, the Navratri Talks book is not required for the pujas. See you all tomorrow at 9pm Eastern!


> The Puja is a simple Puja and starts with the following steps:
> Step 1: 3 Maha Mantra
> Step 2: Ganesh Atharvashirsha
> Step 3: Sthapana of the Ghata.
> Here you would need one plate and one kalash made of clay or matka material. The Kalash shoould be decorated as we decorate the puja kalash. Have vibrated water in kalash, mango leaves (or pan leaves) and coconut. The plate below should be filled with soil, and placed on right side of chair as we face the chair. After the Atharvashirsha, Married ladies pour wheat grains in this soil and sprinkle vibrated water in it.
> Step 4 : Offer Sweet to Mother
> Step 5: Aarti
> Step 6: Diya -- am not sure if this would work here, but they try to
> ensure that the Diya which lit in front of Mother burns all 9 days

9 Nights of Navratri Online

Welcome to the Nine Nights of Navratri at the online community of yogis at http://sahajayogaglobalmeditation.org Program details are also available at the website.

Programs will start 9pm (Eastern) Tuesday, September 30th. Friday nights and weekends may have different timings, which will be posted here and announed online.  Special Note for First Day: This day of Pratipada, the Ghata Sthapana is done (establishment of the alter, symbolic elements for the rest of the nights.) In preparation, please have most puja materials ready:  

Coconut, Kalash (Pot of Clay/Earth/Copper), Pan or Coconut Leaves, Soil, Vibrated Water, Kumkum and other Puja Materials

Recommended to have: Navratri Talks Book of Shri Mataji, Mantra Book
Notes: Havan will be friday night (4th Night of Navratri); We will celebrate on Sunday, day of local Nirakara puja for the benefit of those who are too far away from collectives. As we recieve feedback and suggestions, the following program might evolve…
Tuesday September 30, 2008 Pratipada: Ghata Sthapana
Wednesday October 1, 2008 Dwitiya: Devi Sooktam
Thursday October 2, 2008 Tritiya: Kavacha of the Devi
Friday October 3, 2008 Chaturthi: Havana
Saturday October 4, 2008 Panchami: Argala Strotrum
Sunday October 5, 2008 Shashti: Local Collective Puja + Online
Monday October 6, 2008 Saptami: Devi Atharva Sheersham
Tuesday October 7, 2008 Ashtami: Devi Mahatmyam Ch#12
Wednesday October 8, 2008 Navami: Talk of Shri Mataji