Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Morning Meditation 12/9/2010

We meditated today with a Pittsburgh yogini leading meditation over Google Talk and it came through perfectly. After the meditation we listened to "Kundalini Chadi Badhi Jaye", an original qawwali from Rajiv Bagadadhe and Pune Collectivity, which conveys the journey through the chakras in the manner of the sufis. Original songs by Sahaja Yoga artistes were instrumental in many of us youngsters to understand the important concepts of attaining yoga in the sahaja manner - and these compositions acted to convey the abtract concepts of surrender and instrospection in a manner no discussion or question/answer could.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Morning East Coast Online Meditation :: Dec 06 2010

Today in the morning we played two songs for the meditation from the Nirakara Puja CD by Bagadade Bhaiya from Pune, available on the Sahaja Store:

We meditated to the sounds of the ocean for the rest of the meditation and said two invokations to the Adishakti for bettering attention and connection.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Vandana Trayee" Wednesday Morning Meditation: 12/1/2010

The morning meditation started late. Partially due to the need to restart the computer and partially because of snoozing the alarm a couple more times than necessary. No more sleeping at 1am! Thanksgiving weekend has been quite challenging -- sleeping late has been inevitable. But we managed to hold most meditations with greater gusto. Even when in Chicago on Monday morning, reaching quite late in the night and being up and ready in the morning. Collective attention helps overcome the lethargy to get up and soak up the morning rays of the Divine.

This morning we began with Vandana Trayee, a 3-in-1 prayer to Shri Ganesha, Shri Saraswari and Shri Adi Guru. It was beautiful. There was absolutely no guided portion as the vibrations were tremendous. Sahaja Yogis were already in meditation for 20 minutes when the broadcast started. Here is the prayer someone put on youtube for your enjoyment...