Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday morning meditation: Thanksgiving Day 2010/11/24

Today was the first day with a major "technical" snag and I was hoping to find 37 odd emails in my mailbox demanding to know if the meditaiton is happening or not.

The morning alarm was on "mute" and I ended up getting up late --- but there were 20 connections probably meditating on their own already. Good on them. But the vibrations were instantaneous and intense. It was mostly silent with no guided portion. Some days, its better like this.

Tomorrow, two wake up alarms as usual. Cannot risk setting up just one alarm :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday Night - Weekly Online Meditation for East Coast: 1982 Yogeshwara Puja Talk

The meditation last night was as usual, with a surprising twist at the end. We do know that the focus in North America is on the establishment of boundaries of behavior within collectives, an essential part of preventing chaos in any large sized organization, especially one which has no entry barriers.

The talk which came up spontaneously was a 1982 gem, on Yogeshwara which explains the definition of being in a state of yoga quite well: When you are in yoga - you are in perfect detached state. You can be eating, drinking and doing, yet your spirit is not "involved". e.g. Eating, but your attention is in yoga with your spirit. So your attention is not occupied by the taste or sensations of eating. The conversation then turned to limitations to any extreme behaviour, called "maryadas" in sanskrit. Mother emphasized the need for avoiding self made relationships, which undermine the larger vision of Sahaja Yoga, as given by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Monday, November 22, 2010

American Morning Online Meditations

|| Jai Shri Mataji ||

Thank you all for attending the online morning meditations in good numbers!

Many regions around the world change clocks in spring and autumn. This causes a bit of confusion - so for now, these relative times should hold good for our morning meditations...
Format: Silent, with some guided portions
Duration: Approx 30 minutes
Audience: Established Sahaja Yogis
Time5:30am US/Canada East Coast
10:30am GMT / United Kingdom
4:00pm India
9:30pm Sydney
8:30am Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
12:30pm Romania
11:30am Italy