Sunday, October 19, 2008

Clearning with Bija Mantras (Oct 20th 9pm Eastern)

Monday night yogi online meditations will resume with collective clearing using the Bija Mantra CD from Shri Mataji. To enhance your clearing experience during the program, you may optionally use a vibrated lemon, sliced just before the treatment. This method can be modified as there is no exact "right way". Generally one would keep a half lemon on Sahasrara, and 2 parts of the other halfs in the two hands. The most important part is Mother reciting the bija mantras for the chakras and later She breathes into the mic at the correct frequency. It will be exciting to do it collectively - so please invite other established yogis for a large collective clearning time!

When: 9pm Eastern Standard Time (Visit website to convert the time for your time zone:


Directions: Just go to the website and the program should start playig. We
will plan to play some test audio/music starting about 30 minutes prior, so you can come and
test in advance.

Technical Requirements: Test your computer in advance here:

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