Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Day of Navratri Online

I hope you all are excited and looking forward to the Navratri online. Here is a simple guideline. Please arrange for what you can, remembering that the puja will be from the heart. From a Marathi talk in Mumbai in the 70s, Shri Mataji explained the significance of the Kubha which is established on the first day: The Kalash is the sacrum bone, the water in it is the Kundalini. I am do not recall the rest of it, so if anyone knows please contribute: the pan leaves are the petals of Mooladhara and so on. The basic sentiment is establishing the basis for the next 9 nights.

Also, the Navratri Talks book is not required for the pujas. See you all tomorrow at 9pm Eastern!


> The Puja is a simple Puja and starts with the following steps:
> Step 1: 3 Maha Mantra
> Step 2: Ganesh Atharvashirsha
> Step 3: Sthapana of the Ghata.
> Here you would need one plate and one kalash made of clay or matka material. The Kalash shoould be decorated as we decorate the puja kalash. Have vibrated water in kalash, mango leaves (or pan leaves) and coconut. The plate below should be filled with soil, and placed on right side of chair as we face the chair. After the Atharvashirsha, Married ladies pour wheat grains in this soil and sprinkle vibrated water in it.
> Step 4 : Offer Sweet to Mother
> Step 5: Aarti
> Step 6: Diya -- am not sure if this would work here, but they try to
> ensure that the Diya which lit in front of Mother burns all 9 days


Herbert said...

Thank you all - the organizers, the volunteers, the technical experts and anyone else who helped make this experience such a deep and beautiful one! What a great idea and what amazing vibrations!!!

I can't wait till tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Extremely strong, cool vibrations were flowing throughout. Fabulous Pooja!

Unknown said...

Such a rich, fulfilling puja experience! We 2 ladies were joined by 2 children - 3 and 1 years old...whose attention was
also held throughout most of the
puja, including the planting of the
seeds (and much spiling of water). We felt like a thousand yogis were with us...and we all 4 danced and danced and danced at the end. So much appreciation to you "guys" who put this altogether. Looking forward to the next 8 nights! Jai Shri Mataji!!!!

Carolyn Vance
Melanie Pandit
Mia Pandit
Janak Pandit

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for this great experience & joy. The Feeling that the world is one and all are inter-connected was great. I'm obliged to Mother, for making me the part & parcel of this pure Sahaja world.

Adibhakt said...

Wonderful High-tech spiritual experiance.

Rajeev Jain said...

JaiShrimataji ,
we had excellent vibrations through out the pujs & it was very
clear &easy to follow the instructions the attention went very spontaniously to the lotus feet of mother with out any thoughts .
Thankyou very much we look farward very much to have in other country timings also ...

Mina said...

First of all thank you to all involved in making the online meditation a success. You probably broke a record with the number of yogis that attended last night! The vibrations were amazing right from the beginning. I also liked that you started on a timely manner and that explanations of the materials needed were sent ahead of time.
With love and respect,

Padma said...

I thank Shri mathaji ,for this great chance of being a part of the collectivite online puja.

Brenda said...

The vibrations were wonderful. Thank
you so much. - Brenda

Unknown said...

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to worship our mother collectively!!
Was overjoyed with the feeling mixed with vibrations!!

Jai Shrimataji!!!
CO collective!