Friday, November 25, 2011

Give priority to the subtle body - Kabir

Knowledge that makes us clever, delights the mind and makes us arrogant is impressive. Knowledge that brings true humility, grace and permanence is indeed pure knowledge.

Today we shared a meditation and an ancient song. Thanks to Pushpa who meditates with us online, deeper meanings and messages were uncovered, that relate to our subtle system. 

The meditation was simply to experience the bliss of the word 'Nirmala'

Now, Nirmala, you'll be all called as Nirmalites. Means the ones who have been enlightened by Nirmala. It goes light, the word light goes very well with you people because you are enlightened. Others are just lights without any flame. So, this is Nirmalites, means the ones who are being enlightened by Nirmala. -  1985-0112: Talk before Puja, Mumbai

The bhajan involves Kabir-das advising seekers of truth to take more care of their subtle body, giving it priority over the gross body. The subtle body needs attention and awareness. He talks of the chakras, the 10 gurus within us and the main channels of the subtle system. But he laments the ruination of the subtle system by those who call themselves holy men, religious leaders and such. The way he recommends we 'wear' our subtle body and awareness is 'just the way we were granted it'. i.e. one meaning is that we keep it the way it was at birth - pure. Another meaning could be, we simply witness our subtle system the way it is being kept by the highest force.

Here are the words and translation line by line:

Oh it is subtle, the one you wear all day, is subtle!It purifies when washed in the name of GodContainer of the eight lotusesBinding the 5 elements with the ropes of the three channels.Built on the 10 foundations of the guru, by the guru SaiThe threads have been pressed to get a tight weave.When worn by the so-called holy men,That subtle cloth is surely soiled.I Kabir, wear it with great care and awareness, witnessing it, 
Not interfering with the way the Lord chooses to keep it for me.

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